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    • Oil Resistant Conveyor belt

      Oil Resistant Conveyor belt

      Applications : Oil resistant conveyor belt has good oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. It is fit for carrying materials including oil and organic solvent....

    • Acid-Alkali Resistant Belt

      Acid-Alkali Resistant Belt

      APPLICATIONS:Acid,Alkali Resistance Conveyer Belt is used for acidic or alkali materials conveying in chemical plant, pulp, cement, chemical fertilizer industry. CHARACTERISTIES: 1.Prevent from acid or alkali?corrosion to conveyer belt; ...

    • Cold Resistant Belt

      Cold Resistant Belt

      Feature: Cold resistant conveyor belt fabric specs:EP80~EP630,NN80~NN630,CC56 T.C56 Cold resistant conveyor belt width:350-2000mm Cold resistant conveyor belt cover rubber:NR,BR,blended Cold resistant conveyor belt properties:high elasticity,shock resista...

    • Cross Rigid Conveyor Belt

      Cross Rigid Conveyor Belt

      Design:It is based in the following main components: (1) Cross-stabilised Base Belts?? (2) Sidewalls? (3) Cleats Sidewall Conveyor blet has been designed with two corrugated sidewalls and cleats molded to cross-rigid ...

    • Rip-stop conveyor belt

      Rip-stop conveyor belt

      Rip stop conveyor belt is mainly used to prevent the belt from penetrating or cut due to outside force factor during the conveying that cause risk of belt damage or broken. KING brand Rip stop conveyor belt provides a special rip stop breaker inserted in ...

    • Straight Warp Conveyor Belt

      Straight Warp Conveyor Belt

      Application: Single-ply Belting possesses a unique straight-warp carcass , unlike Conventional crimp weave fabrics. The carcass developed is a total departure from the traditional plies belt concept and constructions...